Offered Services

Piercing Services
In addition to our standard piercing services which you know
and love, we also offer our expertise in:

Tattoo Services 
Services available for tattooing clients has evolved tremendously in
the last 25 years. Skilled tattoo artists can achieve design
possibilities once thought impossible. Let the Lucky 7 artists show
you what their unique talents can bring to life for you

 Re-opening abandoned piercings: If you have
 an old piercing that hasn’t had jewelry in it for some time, or just having difficulty getting jewelry in on your own, rather than actually repiercing the
area, a lot of the time we can simply reopen the old hole. Through a series of techniques with soaking the area, and using some tools to stretch the piercing back to its original size, we are able to put jewelry back in that piercing you
have missed, without the hassle of healing a fresh piercing again.

 Resetting Lobe Piercings:
Sometimes after years of wearing heavy, dangling jewelry in our ears, our lobe piercings don’t
 sit quite as high as we would like them to or we are just generally dissatisfied with the placement of our piercings. Our piercers are happy to consult with
you about your options of minimizing the appearance of your old piercings,
as well as repiercing your ears in a location that you will be happier with.

 Enlarging Existing Piercing Sites:
The most commonly stretched piercings are lobe piercings, and along with our extensive selection of jewelry in different styles and gauges, we will discuss
 your options for stretching, and the “rules” of stretching to ensure you
maintain happy and healthy piercings, and we can also stretch your piercings
for you. We can also go over information about stretching piercings in other body parts.

 Jewelry Customization:
We carry a variety
of different sizes in all the different styles of jewelry to make sure you get a custom perfect fit to suit your individual anatomy. We also have different
parts and pieces to create your own one of a kind jewelry to suit your style
and needs. Lost a ball or an end to your jewelry? Not a problem-we sell replacement parts to save you money by not having to replace the whole
piece. Stocking up on extra ends is also an easy and cost effective way
of being able to change the look of your jewelry on a regular basis.

 Camouflaging Scars or Other Imperfections:
Piercings can be a great way to cover or distract
 the eye from scars or blemishes. Through proper piercing placement and
 jewelry choices, we can transform something you are unhappy with,
and change it to something you are proud to show and feel good about.  

 Marking Significant Life Events: 
Embrace monumental milestones in your life by adorning your human temple! Each time you take notice of your beautifully adorned piercing - positive memories come forward. Yay!

 “Empowering the Self”: Create much needed power within yourself. Or perhaps taking your power back after a traumatic experience. Piercing may help you achieve mind
over matter. Training your instinct of "flight" back to "fight". 


Tattoo Services

 Restore and Revitalize Your Existing Tattoos:
Whether it’s an old and faded tattoo, or a tattoo that wasn’t executed very well, but you still like the concept or design- Our tattoo artists
 are happy to bring new life to your art. With years of experience, our artists know just how to approach going over your existing tattoos to brighten up the colors, darken the blacks, and sharpen up the details to return your tattoo to a state you can be happy with again.

 Cover up Tattoos:
This is a great option for
 tattoos you don’t like and you want a completely different design. It may
 be a design you have grown out of, a hastily picked out design, or from a
 time in your life you would rather forget. Our artists have extensive
 experiencing successfully covering up diverse tattoos, and take pride in
their ability to give you a tattoo you can be proud of and get rid of that
badge of regret.

 Finish Tattoos Started Elsewhere/By Other Tattooers:
Life can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean
 you have to walk around with an unfinished tattoo. Maybe you moved or
 your tattoo artist isn’t in the area or tattooing anymore, it happens. Some
 artists are uncomfortable working on tattoos they didn’t start, but we understand your situation and want to do everything we can to make you
happy, and so we will gladly finish your tattoo for you.

 Unique Experience in Problem Solving:
 Have you found  tattooers in other shops unable to
offer any problem solving skills in modifying your existing tattoo
that you never cared for?  Many tattooers do not want to put the
creative mental and physical work into fixing another tattooers
shoddy work
 Lucky 7 artists will utilize every creative skill they
possess  to rework or cover up your undesirable tattoo - working with your budget

 Honest Cost Breakdowns in
We want you to know exactly what you should expect
to spend on your specific tattoo. We price just about everything by the
 piece, in which case you will always get an accurate price quote before
 we start tattooing. We consider the size, amount of detail, placement on
 the body, and if the tattoo is in black and grey or color, and once we
 have all the elements considered, will give you a price-that way, both the
client and the artist are not rushed with time constraints and can relax
through the tattoo process, and even if it takes much longer than expected,
we will never charge you more than the top price we agreed upon. If you
 have a particular budget in mind, please feel free to let us know. We will
do our best to honor your finances. We find the upfront and honest
approach is the easiest to make both parties happy.

 Layaway Plans: Have a large tattoo in mind
but don’t have all the money at once? If you need a way to save up for
your body art, our layaway program is a great option for most. It can be
 hard to set aside money for your tattoo when your money is burning a
hole in your pocket or you dip into your piggy bank for spontaneous
impulse buys. With the layaway program, you basically have your own
 little Lucky 7 savings account. You can deposit as little or as much
 money as you want at anytime, and it remains your money until you get tattooed-we’ll just hold on to it for you. It 
isn't a credit or an interest
bearing program, but it is a way for you to put a little aside when you
 can (without having the strain of putting all the money down at once)
and after you have enough money in your layaway account to afford
the tattoo you want, we set you up an appointment and you get tattooed
-it’s that simple.

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