Help Us Help You With Your Custom Tattoo

     1. Supply us with all the things that you have for reference. Any pictures from the internet, magazines, etc. They do not have to be of "tattoos". Photos, stickers and paintings are great resources.

     2. Create a rough sketch of the tattoo design as you see it. A basic stick man sketch is fine. You can shade with color pens or black and grey with the side of a pencil. We promise not to grade you on your skills. For lettering try for ideas and please CHECK YOUR SPELLING.

     3. Decide on color or black and grey, what size you would like the tattoo, and where on your body you'd like to put it. It is always a good idea to have a second choice on where you would like the tattoo. Some tattoos do not fit certain areas well.

     4. Decide on your budget. We can break a design into multiple sittings to lessen the cost - and so you and the artist do not get burnt out during a session. We also offer a lay away program to help you with large or multi-visit tattoos. Please be realistic in what you want and what you can afford. It is no fun for you or us to design an entire half sleeve if you can not afford to ever get it started.

     5. Once you have gathered these things, then stop by at noon for an artist consultation or feel free to email Kathleen the info you've created. Then we can get a rough sketch started and book an appointment for your tattoo.

Thanks from the L7T2 Staff.

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