Kathleen Langley / Co-Owner / Body PiercerKathleen Langley
Co-Owner / Body Piercer

Kathleen Langley is a pioneer in the body piercing industry. Since getting her initial training back in 1993, she has consistently worked as a piercer and owned piercing businesses. She is the first to develop and try new techniques in the methods of performing piercings and how to care for them. Her easy-going nature allows first-timers a relaxing, positive experience. Mothers love her because of her knowledge, attention to detail, and way of explaining what she is doing and why.

Russell Fortier / Tattoo ArtistRussell Fortier
Co-Owner/Tattoo Artist

Born and raised in San Bernardino, Russell brings a solid black and grey, southern California style to his tattoos. His straight ahead, no nonsense approach creates amazing body art. Classic script and evil skulls are some of his stand out, one of a kind creations. He is always glad to whip up something unique to satisfy your taste for the dark side.

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